Library Books

* Reference books used for "Our Rich History"

Historic Books In and Around Virginia Beach

Barnes, Brook Miles Seashore Chronicles, 3 Centuries of VA Barrier Islands

Callis, Ann Hanbury The Cavalier + Self-Guided Tour

Carr, Lois Green Colonial Chesapeake Society

Clancy, Paul Hampton Roads Chronicles

Chewning, Alpheus J. Virginia Beach in Ventage Postcards

Chewning, Alpheus J. Haunted, Virginia Beach

Cobb, Michael J. Fort Wool

Colbert, Judy Off the Beaten Path

Cross, Charles B., Chesapeake, a Pictorial History, 1985

* Eighmey, Kathleen M, The Beach, “A History of Virginia Beach,” VA Beach Public Library, 1996, ref 5 page 16, ref 11 page 45, ref 18 pg. 15, ref 28 pg. 46, ref 37 pg. 126, ref 92 pg. 48

Fithian, Philip Vickers Journal &Letters of P.V. Fithian, Planation Tudor of VA

Fritz, Jean The Lost Colony

Gilbert, Lillie Wild River Guide to the North Landing River

Gilbert, Lillie Wild River Guide to Coastal Waterways

Gilbert, Lillie Wild River Guide to Dismal Swamp

Goodall, Jamie L.H. Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay

* Goode, G. Brown, VA Cousins: A Study of the Ancestry and Posterity of John Goode of Whitby, 2008, ref 80 page 54

Green's, Paul The Lost Colony 1968

Gunn, George P., Bishop of Southern Virginia The Historic Church Silver in the Diocese of Sothern Virginia, pages 23 & 24

Hanbury, Elizabeth B., The Battle of Great Bridge, 1998

Hatfield, April Lee Atlantic Virginia, Intercolonial Relations in the Seventeenth Century

Harper, Raymond L. A History of Chesapeake Virginia

Hartman, Sally Kirby The Insiders' Guide to Virginia's Chesapeake Bay

Henley, Barbara Murden Glimpses of Down-Country History

* Hudson, Carson O Jr, Witchcraft in Colonial Virginia, 90-98

Hume, Ivor Noel First Look at a Lost Virginia Settlement, National Geographic, page, June 1979, pg. 735

Hume, Ivor Noel New Clues to and Old Mystery, National Geographic, Jan 1982, page 53

Jordan, A Shepherd Gone, But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach

* Jordan, James M IV & Frederick S “Virginia Beach, A Pictorial History,” 1975, ref 35 page 19, ref 77 page 27

* Mansfield, Stephen S. “Princess Anne County and Virginia Beach, A Pictorial History. Norfolk, VA,” The Donning Company, 2006, ref 65 page 36, ref 79 page 56, ref page 182.

Mapp, Alf J. The Virginia Experiment, 1607-1781

McCary, Ben C. Indians in Seventeenth Century Virginia

Meredith, Clarkson H. Some Old Norfolk Families and Others, 1976

* Nash, Belinda, “A Place in Time (Grace Sherwood). Virginia Beach VA,” W.S Dawson Co, 2012, ref 2, ref 47 page 104, ref 48 pages 134-138, ref 49 page 151

Nelson, James L. George Washington's Great Gamble and the sea Battle that Won the American Revolution

* Norred, Deni, “Bayside History Trail: A View from the Water,” 2003, ref 74

* Parramore, Thomas C. “The First Four Centuries. Charlottesville, VA: University Press of VA, 1994, ref 8 pages 29 & 30, ref 17 pages 35-40, ref 36 page 45, ref 51 page 69

* Parramore, Thomas C., “Norfolk: The First Four Centuries, 1994,” ref 8 pages 29 & 30

Philbrick, Nathaniel Valiant Ambition, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the Fate of the American Revolution

Philbrick, Nathaniel In the Hurricane's Eye, the Genius of George Washington and the Victory at Yorktown

Quarstein, John V. Fort Monroe, the Civil War History Series

Quarstein, John V. Newport News, a Centennial History

Quinn, David Beers Set Fair for Roanoke, Voyages and Colonies 1584-1601 Rawls, Mac 1607-2007, 400 Facts About Princess Anne County and Virginia Beach History, 2007

Roberts, Elizabeth and Bruce Cape Henry, 1st Landing, 1st US Lighthouse

Roundtree, Helen C. Pocahontas, Three Indian Lives Changed by Jamestown

Spillman, Pam The History of the Thoroughgood Neighborhood

* Tucker, Beverley, The Reverend, “My 31 Years at Old Donation Church. Virginia Beach, VA, 2012,” ref 100 page 29, ref 101 pages 31-36, ref 102 page 21

* Turner, Florence Kimberly “Gateway to the New World, History of Princess Anne Co VA, 1607 – 1824,” 1985, ref 53 page 135, ref 67 page 175

Tyler, Fielding Lewis Fort Story and Cape Henry

Venable, Nancy The Insiders' Guide to South Hampton Roads

Virginia Beach Public Library Virginia Beach History -1607 to 2001

* Virginia Beach Public Library The Beach, a History of Virginia Beach, Virginia 1996

Virginia Beach Public Library The Beach, a History of Virginia Beach, Virginia 2006

* Vogt, Roberta Elizabeth, “Short Remarks on the Political & Social Writings of Reverend Anthony Walke,” 2011, ref 55 page 84, ref 68 page 32, ref 70 page 58, ref 73

Walter, Alice Granbery "Lower Norfolk County, Virginia Court Records"

* Yarsinske, Amy Walter "Lost Virginia Beach"

Yarsinske, Amy Walter "Ghent, John Graham's Dream, Norfolk, Virginia's Treasure"

* Yarsinske, Amy Waters, “A History of VA's Golden Shore,” 2002, ref 12 page 37, ref 31 pages 44-46, ref 66 pg. 78, ref 71 pg. 94, ref 72 pg. 76, ref 75 pg. 86, ref 78 pg. 95, ref 81 pg. 96

Yarsinske, Amy Waters, “Norfolk, VA - The Sunrise City by the Sea, A History of VA's Golden Shore,” 1994, ref 38 pages 54-55, ref 43 page 52.

Yarsinske, Amy Waters, Virginia Beach Jewel Resort of the Atlantic

Yarsinske, Amy Waters, Norfolk, Virginia: The Sunrise City by the Sea

Old Homes

* Castlebury, Amy Hayes. "wVirginia Beach, Then and No," Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2010, ref 39 page 28

* Farrar, Emmie Ferguson and Hines, “Old Houses Along the James,” ref 7 page 189, ref 9 page 191

* Farrar, Emmie Ferguson and Hines, “Old Virginia Houses Harbors,” ref 34 pages 108-109

Farrar, Emmie Ferguson Old VA Houses: Mobjack Bay County & Along the James

Forman, Henry Chandlee The Architecture of the Old South

Kellam, Sadie Scott Old Houses in Princess Anne Virginia

Lancaster, Robert Alexander Historic Homes and Churches

Lane, Mills Architecture of the Old South

Morrison, Hugh Early American Architecture

Rouse, Park, Jr Tidewater Virginia in Color

* Treanor, W. Paul, “The Thoroughgood House, VA Beach,” Gloucester, VA Institute of Human History, 2011, ref 6 page 1, ref 30 pages 82-90

Virginia Beach Historic Preservation Partnership Most Historically Significant House and Structures in Virginia Beach


Arroyo, Nanette Sacred Light, Stained Glass Windows, of Southeastern Virginia

* Clark, W.M. “Colonial Churches: In the Original Colony of VA Richmond, VA,” Southern Churchman Co., 1907, ref 60 page 275

Derpool, James Grote Van Historic St. Luke's, 4miles south of Smithfield, Virginia DeSamper, Hugh Bruton Parish Church

Goodwin, Rev. W. A. R. Historical Sketch of Bruton Church, Rector of Church

Kirkhan, Jean & Boyce, Debra In Every Generation, a Celebrated History 1697-1997

* Kyle, Louisa Venable Kyle, “The History of Eastern Shore Chapel and Lynnhaven Parish, 1642 – 1969,” rf 10 pg. 6, rf 15 pg. 7, rf 45 pg. 24, rf 54 pgs. 28-29, rf 56 pg. 27, rf 59 pg. 28, rf 76 pg. 29, rf 82 pgs. 31-rf 85 pg. 32, rf 91 pg. 29.

Goodwin, Rev. W. A. R. 1842, as an Episcopal Church Old Donation members drawn to Haygood, Lounsbury, Carl R. Bruton Bearish Church, A n Architectural History

Massey, Don W. & Sue Colonial Churches of Virginia

* Meade, Bishop, “Old Churches, Ministers & Families of VA, Vol I,” 1910, ref 20 page 247, ref 44 page 247 * Nelson, John K., “A Blessed Company Parishes / Parsons in Anglican VA, 1690 –1776,” 2001, , ref 58 page 188, ref 63 pages 81-83

* Rawlings, James Scott, “Virginia’s Colonial Churches,” 1963, ref 23 page 137

Tormey, James How Firm A Foundation, St. John's Episcopal Church

* Upton, Dell, “Holy Things and Profane, Anglican Parish Churches in Colonial Virginia,” 1986, ref 27 pages 147-148

Virginia Cavalcade Volume XXXII, Spring 1983, Number 4: ODEC - page 170

Walter, Alice Granberry Vestry Book of Elizabeth River Parish, 1749 - 1761

Weber, Marianne "The Walter O. Merrill Family Remembers St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Andalusia,
," page 18, - Bob Randall is the 1st resident priest in nearly 30 years

Weis, The Reverend Frederick Lewis,The Colonial Clergy of Virginia,
North Carolina and South Carolina, 1955

Jamestown / Williamsburg

Bergsten Dan & Hassell, George The Geddy Foundry, Colonial Williamsburg

Haile, Edward Wright Jamestown Narrative, the First Decade: 1607 - 1617

Hawker, Libbie Tidewater, a Novel of Pocahontas and Jamestown Colony

Journal of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, The Re-creating the Williamsburg Market House, History of the Market Place, Freedom of American Colonists, Historic Area's Details

Olmert, Michael Official Guide to Colonial Williamsburg

Pederson, Charles The Jamestown Colony

Taylor, L.B. Jr The Ghosts of Williamsburg and Nearby Environs

Taylor, L.B. Jr The Ghosts of Williamsburg, Volume II

Smith, John Writings with other Narratives of Roanoke, Jamestown, and the First English Settlement in America

Smith, John The Journals of Captain John Smith

Smith, John The General History of Virginia and other places 1624 Vol I

Smith, John The General History of Virginia and other places 1624 Vol II

U.S. News & World Report Jan 29-Feburay 5, 2007 The Jamestown Story

Wallet, John J., Jr. A Window on Williamsburg

Weet, Tom A Walk Through Colonial History in Jamestown, William and Mary Williamsburg Yorktown

Early American Life at Lynnhaven Parish Church and Other Parts of Virginia

Early American :Life Apr 2015 Traditions, Period Style, Antiques, Architecture History

Early American :Life Aug 2015 Traditions, Period Style, Antiques, Architecture History

Folder Historic Dress

Folder The History of Old Donation Church Through the Eyes of Its Poets

Kyle, Louisa Venable A Country Woman's Christmas & (insert) Christmas at the Adam Thoroughgood House 1675

Kyle, Louisa Venable A Country Woman's Scrapbook

Kyle, Louisa Venable A Country Woman's Christmas and The Tastes of Christmas Past, page 63

Princess Anne Garden Club Herbs, Now and Then

Virginia History

Abbot, William W A Virginia Chronology

Andrews, Matthew Page Virginia the Old Dominion, 1937

Antonelli, Lisa M. Virginia, A Commonwealth Comes of Age, 1988

Colbert, Judy Virginia, Off the Beaten Path, 2002

Collins, Leisa Old Town Alexandria Calendar, 2012

Cook, John Esten Virginia, A History of the People, 1903

Couch, Ernie & Jill Virginia Trivia

Foss, William O. It Happened First in Virginia

Dabney, Virginius Virginia, The New Dominion, A History From 107 to the Present, 1971

Lee, Marguerite Dupont Virginia Ghost, 1966

Edwards, Mike W, National Geographic, Nov 1974, The Virginians, pages 589-625

Ewing, Sharon B. Images of Virginia State Parks

Fischer, David Hackett Albion's seed, Four British Folkways in America

Friddell, Guy What is it About Virginia?

Harriot, Thomas A Brief & True Report of the New Found Land of VA, 2015

Llewellyn, Robert Virginia, An Aerial Portrait, Lossing, Benson J. Mathew Brady's Illustrated History of the Civil War with his war photographs and paintings by military artists

Macoll, John D. Alexandria, A Towne in Transition, 1800-1900 - 1977

Rouse, Parke, Jr. Virginia, A Pictorial History, 1975

Salmon, John S. A Guidebook to Virginia's Historical Markers, 2001

Shattuck, Gardiner H. Episcopalians & Race

Shook, Carrie and Robert Only in Virginia, the Unique History, Humor, and Heart of the Old Dominion, 1981

Smith, Jane Ockershausen The Virginia One-Day Trip Book, 1986

Tennis, Joe Along Virginia's Route 58 - 2015

Virginia Conservation Commission Carry Me Back to Old Virginia

Virginia Department of Conservation and Economic Development Carry Me Back to Old Virginia

Virginia Division of Publicity and Advertising Carry Me Back to Old Virginia

Virginia Historical Society Virginia magazine of History and Biography, 2011

Walter, Alice Granbery Virginia Land Patents, 1666 to 1679 -

** Books Used for Sacred Ground Circle , Slavery and It's Aftermath

** Dawson, Michael White Fragility

** Irving, Debby Waking Up White

Keller Thoennes The Slave Trade in Early America

Meacham, Jon The Soul of America

Newby-Alexander, Cassandra L. Virginia Waterways and the Underground Railroad

** Oliver, Juan Ripe Fields, The Promise and Challenge of Latino Ministry

Oast, Jennifer Institutional Slavery, Slaveholding Churches, Schools, and Businesses in Virginia, 1680-1860

Perrine, Robert Virginia Slavery

** Thurman, Howard Jesus and the Disinherited

** Wallis, Jim America's Original Sin

Wilkerson, Isabel The Warmth of Other Suns, the Epic Story of America's Great Migration

History Folders Old Donation Church, 17th, 18th & 19th Centuries

1 Perrine, Robert M., “Old Donation History,” June 2012,

2 Perrine, Robert M., “Old Donation History,” Nov 2018,

3 Perrine, Robert M., History of Old Donation Church in Pictures

4 Perrine, Robert M., Ghost Stories in the Old Donation Cemetery

5 Walter, Alice Granbery Our Early Settlers, 1985 & history of the three churches

6 History of the 3rd Church People of the Church and Surrounding Churches and Homes

7 100 Year Time Capsule Pictures, Items removed after 100 years and ceremony for placing it back for another 100 Years Dec 2016

8 100 Year Time Capsule Removal & Replacement of the Cornerstone Containing the Time capsule Oct 2016

9 100 Year Time Capsule The 1916 Cornerstone and Time Capsule

10 Lynnhaven Parish Early Relationships "Lynnhaven Parish Early Relationships – Alice Granberry Walter Boush/Thelaball, Moseley, Nimmo, Parks "

11 Lynnhaven Parish Early Relationships Taylor, Hoskin, Keeling, Woodhouse, Hoggard, Hudgins/Howren, Barnett, Alfriend, Barnett, Dickson

12 Lynnhaven Parish Early Relationships Thoroughgood

13 Lynnhaven Parish Early Relationships Walke

14 Hampton Roads Local History

15 Perrine, Robert The First 100 Years in Hampton Roads, the 17th Century

16 Perrine, Robert M. Anniversary of the Settlers' First Landing at Cape Henry

17 Perrine, Robert M., The History of Cape Henry

18* Mason, George C, “Colonial Vestry Book of Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne Co 1723-1786,”1949, ref 14 pg. xii, ref 16 pg. xii, ref 32 pg. xxv, ref 61 pg. vii, ref 62 pg. 23, ref 83 pg. v

19* Drachnik, Cay, “Old Donation Church, An Example of Early American Architecture,” Jan 1969, ref 57 pages 14 and 34

20 White, Benjamin Dey, “Gleanings in the History of Princess Anne County. VA Beach VA,” 1924,

21 Perrine, Robert M. Lynnhaven Parish Parishioners as Viewed Through Their Historic Homes

22 Treanor, W. Paul, The Chesapiean - Adam Thoroughgood House

23* Luccketti, Nicholas, “Architectural Assess of the Adam Thoroughgood House,” James River Institute for Arch, May 06, ref 29 page 8

24 Waterman - Farrar-Lancaster-Kellam Domestic Colonial Arch of Tidewater - Old Virginia Houses Along the James -Historic Virginia Homes and Churches - Old Houses in Princes Anne Virginia

Old Donation Church, 20th and 21st Centuries

25 Hoffecker, Bud; Chairman Building Committee Old Donation Oyster Roast Crafter

26 Hoffecker, Bud; Chairman Building Committee 1991 Phase 4 - Tucker Hall Building Committee 1986-1990

27 Perrine, Robert M., 2021 Phase 5 - Great Hall Building Committee 2000 - 2020

28 Perrine, Robert M., Historic Traditions Commission

29 Perrine, Robert M., Men's Breakfast Programs

30 Perrine, Robert M., A Walk Around Old Donation Episcopal Church

31 Perrine, Robert M., Obituaries - Old Donation Episcopal Church

32 Virginian Pilot Obituaries Obituary Articles and Cemetery History

33 Pictures 1900-1980's + Rev. John H. Emmert and church members

34 Tucker, Rev. Bev 1918 - 2014

35 Historic Dress

36 Poems by locals and others

Manila File Folders (stored in metal file cabnet)

1 Colonial Churches

2 ODEC Church

3 Churches Virginia Beach

4 Churches Norfolk

5 Churches Portsmouth

6 Churches Virginia

7 Churches Outside Virginia

8 Homes - Adam Thoroughgood

9 Fairfield House

10 Walke Manor House

11 Adam Keeling House

12 Frances Land House

13 Lynnhaven House

14 Pembroke Manor

15 Whitehurst-Buffington House

16 Homes VA Beach / Norfolk

17 Homes Outside of Virginia Beach

18 ODEC History 2010 - Present

19 ODEC History before 2010

20 ODEC Anniversary Dates

21 Notable People

22 Original Documents(photocopies)

23 Parish Profile after 1990

24 Parish Profile before 1991

25 ODEC's History of Christmas

26 The 5 Organs

27 ODEC's Oyster Roast

28 Park's Memorial Fine Art Series

29 Silverware - Chalice, Paten

30 Altar Needlepoint

31 Grace Sherwood-Witch of Pungo

32 Church People Directory 2015-16

33 Church People Directory 2012

34 Church People Directory 2006-2009

35 Church People Directory 1996-2001

36 Church People Directory 1916-1989

37 ODEC Pictures - after 1990

38 ODEC Pictures - 1917-1990

39 ODEC Pictures prior to 1917

40 Sermons 2000 - Current

41 Sermons before 2000

42 Church Bulletins 1990 - Current

43 Church Bulletins before 1990

44 ODEC Programs

45 Episcopal info / instructions

46 Survey/Maps/Deeds/Court Records

47 Altar Guild

48 Church News

49 Local News after 2014

50 Local news before 2015

51 Virginia Beach History

52 Ft Monroe History

53 First Landing - Cape Henry

54 Jamestown Settlement

55 Williamsburg

56 Lost Colony

57 History of Wars Hampton Roads

58 The Revolutionary War 1775-83

59 the War of 1812

60 The Civil War 1861-1865

61 African American History

62 Native American History

63 Early Architecture, Arts, Style, Food & Cultures

Sacred Ground Circle Articles 2020

64 Sacred Ground Monuments 2020 2018 - Current

65 Slavery and After articles - after 2017 after 2017

66 Slavery and After articles - before 2018 before 2018