Library Books

Historic Books In and Around Virginia Beach
* - Reference books used for "Our Rich History, 2021, Robert Perrine

1. Andrews, Matthew Page, Virginia, the Old Dominion,

2. Barnes, Brook Miles, Seashore Chronicles, 3 Centuries of VA Barrier Islands

3. Brooks, Judith Westcott, Granby High School, 2013

4. Callis, Ann Hanbury, The Cavalier + Self-Guided Tour

5. Carr, Lois Green, Colonial Chesapeake Society

6. Clancy, Paul, Hampton Roads Chronicles

7. Chewning, Alpheus J., Virginia Beach in Ventage Postcards

8. Chewning, Alpheus J. Haunted, Virginia Beach

9. Cook, John Esten, Virginia, A History of the People, 1903

10. Cross, Charles B., Chesapeake, a Pictorial History, 1985

*11. Eighmey, Kathleen M, The Beach, A History of Virginia Beach, VA Beach Public Library, 1996, ref 5 page 16, ref 11 page 45, ref 18 pg. 15, ref 28 pg. 46, ref 37 pg. 126, ref 92 pg. 48

12. Gilbert, Lillie, Wild River Guide to the North Landing River

13. Gilbert, Lillie, Wild River Guide to Coastal Waterways

14. Gilbert, Lillie, Wild River Guide to Dismal Swamp

15. Gilbert, Nash, Norred, Bayside History Trail, a View from the Water , 2003, ref 74

16. Goodall, Jamie L.H., Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay

*17. Goode, G. Brown, Virginia Cousins: A Study of the Ancestry and Posterity of John Goode of Whitby, 2008, ref 80 page 54

18. Hatfield, April Lee, Atlantic Virginia, Intercolonial Relations in the Seventeenth Century

19. Harper, Raymond L., A History of Chesapeake Virginia

20. Harris, Kenneth, Princess Anne Co., The War Between the States

21. Hartman, Sally Kirby, The Insiders' Guide to Virginia's Chesapeake Bay

22. Henley, Barbara Murden, Glimpses of Down-Country History

*23. Hudson, Carson O Jr, Witchcraft in Colonial Virginia, 90-98

24. Jordan, A Shepherd, Gone, But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach

*25. Jordan, James M IV & Frederick S, Virginia Beach, A Pictorial History, 1975, ref 35 page 19, ref 77 page 27

26. Lohman, Toni, The Beach, VA Beach Public Library 2006 Third Edition

27. Maling, Anne E, Princess Anne County, VA, Land and Probate Records

28. Mason, George Carrington, The Colonial Vestry Book of Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne County VA, 1723 -1786

29. McCary, Ben, Indians in the Seventeenth Century, Virginia

*30. Mansfield, Stephen S., Princess Anne County and Virginia Beach, A Pictorial History, Norfolk, VA,” The Donning Company, 2006, ref 65 page 36, ref 79 page 56, ref page 182.

31. Meredith, Clarkson H., Some Old Norfolk Families and Others, 1976

*32. Nash, Belinda, A Place in Time (Grace Sherwood). Virginia Beach VA,” W.S Dawson Co, 2012, ref 2, ref 47 page 104, ref 48 pages 134-138, ref 49 page 151

*33. Parramore, Thomas C., The First Four Centuries. Charlottesville, VA: University Press of VA, 1994, ref 8 pages 29 & 30, ref 17 pages 35-40, ref 36 page 45, ref 51 page 69

*34. Quarstein, John V. Newport News, a Centennial History

35. Quinn, David Beers, Set Fair for Roanoke, Voyages and Colonies, 1584-1601

36. Rawls, Mac, 1607-2007, 400 Facts About Princess Anne County and Virginia Beach History, 2007

37. Roundtree, Helen C., Pocahontas, Three Indian Lives Changed by Jamestown

38. Spillman, Pam, The History of the Thoroughgood Neighborhood

*39. Tucker, Beverley, The Reverend, “My 31 Years at Old Donation Church. Virginia Beach, VA, 2012,” ref 100 page 29, ref 101 pages 31-36, ref 102 page 21

*40. Turner, Florence Kimberly, Gateway to the New World, History of Princess Anne Co VA, 1607 – 1824, 1985, ref 53 page 135, ref 67 page 175

*41. Vogt, Roberta Elizabeth, Short Remarks on the Political & Social Writings of Reverend Anthony Walke,, 2011, ref 55 page 84, ref 68 page 32, ref 70 page 58, ref 73

42. Walter, Alice Granbery Lower Norfolk County, Virginia Court Records

43-45. Whichard, Roger Dey, Ph.D., The History of Lower Tidewater Virginia, Volums I, II, & III, 1959

*46. Yarsinske, Amy Walter, Lost Virginia Beach

*47. Yarsinske, Amy Waters, A History of VA's Golden Shore, 2002, ref 12 page 37, ref 31 pages 44-46, ref 66 pg. 78, ref 71 pg. 94, ref 72 pg. 76, ref 75 pg. 86, ref 78 pg. 95, ref 81 pg. 96

48. Yarsinske, Amy Waters, Norfolk, VA - The Sunrise City by the Sea, A History of VA's Golden Shore, 1994, ref 38 pages 54-55, ref 43 page 52.

49. Yarsinske, Amy Waters, Virginia Beach Jewel Resort of the Atlantic

50. Yarsinske, Amy Waters, Ghent, 2006

Historic Homes

*51. Castlebury, Amy Hayes. Virginia Beach, Then and No, Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2010, ref 39 page 28

*52. Farrar, Emmie Ferguson and Hines, Old Houses Along the James, 1954, ref 7 page 189, ref 9 page 191

*53. Farrar, Emmie Ferguson and Hines, Old Virginia Houses Harbors, 1954, ref 34 pages 108-109

54. Farrar, Emmie Ferguson, Old VA Houses: Mobjack Bay County & Along the James, 1954

55. Forman, Henry Chandlee, The Architecture of the Old South, 1948

56. Kellam, Sadie Scott, Old Houses in Princess Anne Virginia

57. Lancaster, Robert Alexander, Historic Homes and Churches

58. Lane, Mills, Architecture of the Old South

59. Morrison, Hugh, Early American Architecture 1987

60. Rouse, Park, Jr Tidewater Virginia in Color

*61. Treanor, W. Paul, The Thoroughgood House, VA Beach, Gloucester, VA Institute of Human History, 2011, ref 6 page 1, ref 30 pages 82-90

62. Virginia Beach Historic Preservation Partnership, Most Historically Significant House and Structures in Virginia Beach

Old Churches

63. Arroyo, Nanette, Sacred Light, Stained Glass Windows, of Southeastern Virginia

*64. Clark, W.M., Colonial Churches: In the Original Colony of VA Richmond, VA, 1907, ref 60 page 275

65. Derpool, James Grote Van, Historic St. Luke's, 4miles south of Smithfield, Virginia

66. DeSamper, Hugh, Bruton Parish Church

67. Goodwin, Rev. W. A. R., Historical Sketch of Bruton Church

68. Hewett, William, 1496-1566/7 Lord Mayor of London

69. Howard, Cindy, Rector, Rector St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Andalusia, Alabama, 2012 (Father Bob's former church)

70. Kirkhan, Jean & Boyce, Debra, In Every Generation, a Celebrated History, Grace Episcopal Church, Yorktown, VA., 1697-1997

*71. Kyle, Louisa Venable Kyle, The History of Eastern Shore Chapel and Lynnhaven Parish, 1642 – 1969, ref 10 pg. 6, rf 15 pg. 7, rf 45 pg. 24, rf 54 pgs. 28-29, rf 56 pg. 27, rf 59 pg. 28, rf 76 pg. 29, rf 82 pgs. 31-rf 85 pg. 32, rf 91 pg. 29.

72. Lounsbury, Carl R., Bruton Parish Church, An Architectural History

73. Massey, Don W. & Sue, Colonial Churches of Virginia

*74 & 75. Meade, Bishop, Old Churches, Ministers & Families of VA, Vols I & II , 1910, ref 20 page 247, ref 44 page 247

*76. Nelson, John K., A Blessed Company Parishes / Parsons in Anglican VA, 1690–1776, 2001, ref 58 page 188, ref 63 pages 81-83

*77. Rawlings, James Scott, Virginia’s Colonial Churches, 1963, ref 23 page 137

78. Tormey, James, How Firm A Foundation, St. John's Episcopal Church

*79. Upton, Dell, Holy Things and Profane, Anglican Parish Churches in Colonial Virginia, 1986, ref 27 pages 147-148

80. Virginia Cavalcade Volume XXXII, Spring 1983, Number 4: ODEC - page 170

81. Walter, Alice Granberry, Vestry Book of Elizabeth River Parish, 1749 - 1761

82. Weis, The Reverend Frederick Lewis, The Colonial Clergy of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, 1955

Jamestown / Williamsburg

83. Bergsten Dan & Hassell, George, The Geddy Foundry, Colonial Williamsburg

84. Colonial Williamsburg, Official Guide to

85. Haile, Edward Wright, Jamestown Narrative, the First Decade: 1607 - 1617

86. Pederson, Charles, The Jamestown Colony

87. Taylor, L.B. Jr, The Ghosts of Williamsburg and Nearby Environs, Volume I

88. Taylor, L.B. Jr, The Ghosts of Williamsburg, Volume II

89. Smith, John, Writings with other Narratives of Roanoke, Jamestown, and the First English Settlement in America

90. Smith, John, The Journals of Captain John Smith

91. Smith, John, The General History of Virginia and Other Places 1624 Vol I

92. Smith, John, The General History of Virginia and Other Places 1624 Vol II

93. U.S. News & World Report Jan 29-Feburay 5, 2007, The Jamestown Story

94.Wallet, John J., Jr., A Window on Williamsburg

95. Weet, Tom, A Walk Through Colonial History in Jamestown, William and Mary Williamsburg

Early American Life at Lynnhaven Parish Church and Other Parts of Virginia

96. Folder, Historic Dress

97. Folder, The History of Old Donation Church Through the Eyes of Its Poets

98. Kyle, Louisa Venable, A Country Woman's Christmas &
99. (insert) Christmas at the Adam Thoroughgood House 1675

100. Kyle, Louisa Venable, A Country Woman's Scrapbook

Virginia History

101. Antonelli, Lisa M., Virginia, A Commonwealth Comes of Age, 1988

102. Abbot, William W., A Virginia Chronology 1585-1783

102a. Bowers, Claude G. The Tragic Era, the Revolution after Lincoln

103. Colbert, Judy, Virginia, Off the Beaten Path, 2002

104. Couch, Ernie & Jill, Virginia Trivia

104a. Cross, Charles B, Jr. The Chesapeake,1973

105. Dabney, Virginius, Virginia, The New Dominion, A History From 107 to the Present, 1971

105a. Davis, Burke, Gray Fox Robert E. Lee & the Civil War

106. Dixon, John W., Gwynn's Island, 1600 to Present, 2010

107. Edwards, Mike W, National Geographic, Nov 1974, The Virginians, pages 589-625

108. Egloff, Keith & Woodward, Deborah, First People, the Early Indians of Virginia

109. Ewing, Sharon B., Images of Virginia State Parks

110. Foss, William O., It Happened First in Virginia

111. Fischer, David Hackett, Albion's Seed, Four British Folkways in America

112. Farish, Hunter Dickins, Philip Vickers Fithian, A Plantation Tutor of the Old Dominion, 1773-1774

113. Friddell, Guy, What is it About Virginia?

114. Harriot, Thomas, A Brief & True Report of the New Found Land of VA, 2015

115. Lee, Marguerite Dupont, Virginia Ghost, 1966

116. Lewis, Sara E., Mathews County

117. Llewellyn, Robert, Virginia, An Aerial Portrait

118. Macoll, John D., Alexandria, A Towne in Transition, 1800-1900,- 1977 + Old Town Alexandria Calendar, 2012

118a. Morison, Samuel Eliot, The European Discovery of America, the Northern Voyages, A.D. 500-1600

119. Reader's Digest, America's Historic Places, 1981

119a. Roberts, Nanacy, Blackbeard and Other Pirates of the Atlantic Coast

119b. Roper, Jon, The Ollustrated Encyclopedia of the Presidents of America

120. Rouse, Parke, Jr., Virginia, A Pictorial History, 1975

121. Salmon, John S., A Guidebook to Virginia's Historical Markers, 2001

122. Shook, Carrie and Robert, Only in Virginia, the Unique History - Humor, and Heart of the Old Dominion, 1981

123. Smith, Jane Ockershausen, The Virginia One-Day Trip Book, 1986

123a. Taylor, Alan, American Colonies

124. Tennis, Joe, Along Virginia's Route 58, 2015

125. Theobald, Mary Milley, Death by Petticoat, American History Debunked

126. Venable, Nancy and Martinette, Sam, The Insider' Guide to South Hampton Roads

127. Virginia Conservation Commission, Carry Me Back to Old Virginia

128. Virginia Department of Conservation and Economic Development, Carry Me Back to Old Virginia

129. Virginia Division of Publicity and Advertising, Carry Me Back to Old Virginia

130. Virginia Historical Society, Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, 2011

131. Walter, Alice Granbery, Virginia Land Patents, 1666 to 1679

Three-Ring Binder - Articles

132. Old Donation History, the 375th Anniversary Edition, June 2017, Robert. Perrine

133. Old Donation History,Variuos Articals, 2002,

134. Old Donation Church Welcomes You, History of Old Donation Church in Pictures and Articles, 1988

135. History of Old Donation Church in Pictures, 1985

*136. Mason, George C, Colonial Vestry Book of Lynnhaven Parish, Princess Anne Co 1723-1786,1949, ref 14 pg. xii, ref 16 pg. xii, ref 32 pg. xxv, ref 61 pg. vii, ref 62 pg. 23, ref 83 pg. v

137. White, Benjamin Dey, Gleanings in the History of Princess Anne County. VA Beach VA, 1924,

138. Lynnhaven Parish Early Relationships – Alice Granberry Walter, Boush/Thelaball, Moseley, Nimmo, Parks "

139. Lynnhaven Parish Early Relationships Taylor, Hoskin, Keeling, Woodhouse, Hoggard, Hudgins/Howren, Barnett, Alfriend, Barnett, Dickson, Land

140. Lynnhaven Parish Early Relationship - Thoroughgood

141. Lynnhaven Parish Early Relationship - Walke

*142. Drachnik, Cay, Old Donation Church, An Example of Early American Architecture, Jan 1969, ref 57 pages 14 and 34

143. A Self Guided Tour Inside and Outside the Church (a folder is also at the church entrance)

144. The 1916 Cornerstone and Time Capsule

145. 100 Year Time Capsule Removal & Replacement of the Cornerstone Containing the Time Capsule Oct 2016

146. 100 Year Time Capsule Pictures, Items removed after 100 years and ceremony for placing it back for another 100 Years Dec 2016

147. Obituaries - Old Donation Episcopal Church

148. Ghost Stories in the Old Donation Cemetery

149. Oyster Roast

150. Phase 4 - Tucker Hall Building Committee 1986-1990

151. Phase 5 - Great Hall Building Committee 2000 - 2020

152. Historic Traditions Commission

153. Men's Breakfast Programs

154. Lynnhaven Parish Parishioners as Viewed Through Their Historic Homes

155. Treanor, W. Paul, The Chesapiean - Adam Thoroughgood House

*156. Luccketti, Nicholas, Architectural Assess of the Adam Thoroughgood House, James River Institute for Arch, May 06, ref 29 page 8

157. Waterman, Farrar & Lancaster-Kellam, Domestic Colonial Architecture of Tidewater - Old Virginia Houses Along the James & Historic Virginia Homes and Churches - Old Houses in Princes Anne Virginia

158. The First 100 Years in Hampton Roads, the 17th Century

159. Anniversary of the Settlers' First Landing at Cape Henry

160. The History of Cape Henry

*161. Historic Documents

162. ODEC History

163. ODEC 21st Century

164. Area Historic Churches

164a. Bayside Heritage Day 2010 / Bayside Heritage Trail / Historic Churches (continued)

165. Virginia's Colonial Churches

166. Fairfield, Uper Wolfsnare, Walke Manor / Fery Farm houses

167. Thoughgood's Four Houses - 1634, 1643, 1670s, 1690

168. Virginia Historic Houses

169. Virginia Historic Houses (continued) & House Tours

170. Through the Years, Celebrating Our Church History

171. Notable People

172. Oyster Roast and Bazaar / Needlepoint / Silver / Handbells / The Parks Memorial Fine Art Series

173. The Five Organs

174. Grace Sherwood, the Witch of Pungo

175. Surveys, Maps, Deeds and Court Records

176. ODEC Historical Graveyard

177. Indians

178. War Years

179, Lost Colony / Jamestown

Historic Books about War in Virginia

180. Brands, H.W., The Man Who Saved the Union, Ulyses Grant in War and Peace

181. Brick, John, The Richmond Raid

182. Catton, Bruce, The Army of the Potomac, A Stillnes at Appomattox

183. Catton, Bruce, The Army of the Potomac, Glory Road

184. Catton, Bruce, The Army of the Potomac, Mr. Lincoln's Army

185. Cecere, Michael, The Invasion of Virginia 1781

186. Cecere, Michael, A Universal Appearance of War, The Revolutionary War in Virginia, 1775-1781

187. Cobb, Michael J, Fort Wool, Star Spangled Banner Rising

188. Hanbury, Elizabeth, The Battle of Great Bridge

189. Jones, Virgil Carrington, Ranger Mosby

190. Lossing, Benson, Illustrated History of the Civil War

191. Mass, John R., The Road to Yorktown

192. McPherson, James M., Battle Cry of Freedom, the Civil War Era

193. Nelson, James L., George Washington's Great Gamble and the Sea Battle that won the American Revolution

194. Philbrick, Nathaniel, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the Fate of the American Revolution

195. Philbrick, Nathaniel, In the Hurricane's Eye, the Genius of George Washington and the Victory at Yorktown

196. Quarstein, John V., Fort Monroe, the Key to the South

197. Taylor, Alan, The Civil War of 1812

198. Tyler, Fielding Lewis, Fort Story and Cape Henry

199. Unger, Harlow Giles, Lafayette

Virginia History

200. Beard, Charles A. & Mary R., The Rise of American Civilization, 1930

201. Donald, David Herbert, Lincoln, 1995

202. Mapp, Alf J, JR., The Faiths of Our Fathers, What America's Founders Really Believed, 2003

203. McCullough, David, John Adams, 2001

204. Scheffel, Richard L., Rider's Digest, America's Historic Places, 1988

205. Stewart, David O., Madison's Gift, 2015

206. Vermillion, Michael M., Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Kempsville, Virginia (Lynnhaven Paris AD 1637)

207. Wood, Gordon S., Friends Divided, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, 2018

**Books and Articles Related to Sacred Ground Circle (SGC)
and Becoming Beloved Community (BBC)

Three-Ring Binders

Three-Ring Binder No. 1 Containing SGC Sessions
SGC Session 1
Excerpts from book, Healing our Broken Humanity
A Segregated Church or a Beloved Community
Black History is Everyone’s History, by Leonard Pitts Jr.
Not Somewhere Else, but Here, by Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker
SGC Session 2
A Geographic Lesson for the Tea Part, by Colin Woodard
Roots Deeper than Whiteness
A Geography Lesson for the Tea Party, by Collin Woodward
The Five Stages & White People Waking Up Racism
On White Tears
SGC Session 3
Tribal Nations of the Thirteen Colonies
Unshackled by Vision and Values, by Martin Brokenleg
Wounded Knee
SGC Session 4
New England’s Hidden History
The White Man’s Guilt, by James Baldwin in Ebony Magazine
SGC Session 5
Moving Beyond the Black-White Binary, by Roberto Lovato
The High Cost of Discrimination, by Whitney M. Young Jr.
Institutional Slavery: Slaveholding Churches, Schools, Colleges, and Businesses in Virginia, 1680-1860, by Jennifer Oast
Moving Beyond the Black-White Binary
SGC Session 6
Asian Americans Speak Out Against a Decades-old ‘Model Minority’ Myth, by Yanan Wang
The Real Reasons the U.S. Became Less Racist Toward Asian Americans, the Myth of the ‘Model Minority’, by Jeff Guo
The Chinese in the Frontier West
SGC Session 7
How the Iris Became White, by Noel Ignatiev Routledge
Session 8
What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class, by Joan C. Williams
SGC Session 9
Ghosts of the Masters: Descendants of Slaveholders Reckon with History, by David Pettee & Susan Hutchison
SGC Arlicles
*Virginia & D.C. African American Historic Museums & Landmarks
*A litany for those not ready for healing by Rev Dr Yolanda Pierce
*Cast, the origins of our Discontents, by Isabel Wilkerson
*Saint Leo University to Present 'Courageous Conversations' Examing Social Justice Issues.
*Episcopal Church Resolutions: Slavery & Racial Repair Passed at the 2006 General Convention, A123, A127,C11
*Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory by David W. Blight
*Confronting Difficult History, History Matters, Historical Introduction: Confederate Monuments and Symbolism
*Nat Turner will be included in anti-slavery monument
*Whose Heritage? Public Symbols of the Confederacy by the Southern Poverty Law Center
*The forks in the road slave auction site were as Despicable as Richmond's
*There is no such thing as "race."
*Critical Race Theory is not on its way to your local public school today.
*Atlanta History Center guiding principles
*The Resurrection of the Church Begins with Lament, Psalm 142 & Lamentations.

Three-Ring Binder No. 2 Containing Newspaper Articles About Racism
-(in the cover jacket is a pamphlet - Down Where the Need is Greatest, The American Church Institute for Negroes)
*Celebrating Black History. All of It, Feb 24, 2023
*GOP Leans into Vague, Expansive 'Wokeism',Feb 22, 2023
*Florida Offers an Adcanced Lesson in Anti-Blackness, Jan 25, 2023
*What more Education on Racial Issues Taught Me, Jun 2023
*The Rev. Martin Luter King Jr. at the Lincoln Memorial, Jun 16, 2023
*What MLK Day Recalls in D.C., the 1963 March on Washington Produces a Sermon for Ages, Jan 16, 2023
*The Racial Reckoning That Led to Lots of Talk But Little Real Change, Jan 16, 2023
*Where Do You Really Come From? That's a Toxic Question,Dec 11, 2022
*Discussions About Racism, Aug 2,2020 (The Rev. Bob Randall interviewed)
* Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Christmas Message 2022: 'Love Always', Dec 2022
*Slavery Shaped Harvard, May 2,2022
*Harvard's History with Slavery Reveal and Ugly Truth, Apr 29, 2022
*It's Tie for a Full Accounting of the Sexual Exploitation of Black Women, Apr 30, 2022
* Empower Students by Teaching History in Full, April 2022
* Book Uses 19th-Century Letters and Petitions to Explore Abraham Lincoln's Connection to the Black Community During Civil War, Mar 6, 2022
*Black History Bus Tour Highlights 1619 Memorial and More, Feb 10, 2022
*A Look at the History of Black Beaches, Sep 17, 2021
*Narrowing the Racial Wealth Gap, Aug 1, 2021
*Historic American Church Set to Integrate Its Slavery Ties, Aug 20, 2021
*Civil Rights Leader Fought for Equality through Math, Jul 26, 2021
*Students Need to Know about History's Haters, Jul 25, 2021
*Any Criminal Justice Reform Has to Include the Military, Jul 6, 2021
*Fort Monroe and National Park Service Launches Virtual Book Club, Jul 5, 2021
*Montpelier Shares Power with Enclaved People's Descendants, Jun 28, 2021
*Fighting Racism Can Help Fight Crime, Jun 21, 2021
*Segregated Hospitals Are Killing Black People, Jun 21,2021
*Exploring Black History in Va. Beach, Jun 20,2021
*VMI's 'Racist and Sexist Culture,' Jun 3, 2021
*It Was Much More Than Tulsa, Jun 1, 2021
*Patriotism and the Promise of Black Liberation, May 2021
*When it Comes to Knowing U.S. History, We Should are be 'Woke,' May 26, 2021
*CDC Director Names Racism a Public Health Threat, Apr 10, 2021
*Study: 1 in 7 U.S. Prisoners are Serving a Life Sentence, Mar 7, 2021
*Book Review, Agents of Change, Dec 20,2020
*Raphael Warnock Can Bring the Gospel Back to Public Life, Dec 11, 2020
*Women Retrace Harriet Tubman's 116-Mile Journey, Nov 26, 2020
*John Lewis' Life a Master Class in Stubborn Resolve, Nov 12, 2020
*Free for All Toward a Racal Reckoning (visit to the VA Memorial to Enslaved Laborers), Aug 22, 2020
*U-Va. Memorial to Enslaved Workers Reclaims Lost Lives, Aug 16, 2020
*Slavery and Salvation: Modern Churches Reckon With History in the Trade, Aug 2, 2020
*Fairfax's Robert E. Lee High to Be Renamed for Civil Rights Icon John Lewis, Jul 23, 2020
*Charlottesville's New Holiday Divides Its Residents Again, - 'Jefferson's Town' is Steadily Reexamining His Place in It, Mar 2, 2020
*Virginia Panel Finds Scores of Defunct, Racist laws It says Should be Erased, Dec 6, 2019
*How Slavery Warped Jefferson’s Vision for U-VA., Nov 3, 2019
*At Jefferson's U-Va., Slavery and Abuse, Nov 2019
*Historians Will Shed New Light, Reveal Latest Research on 1619, Sep 7, 2019
*The Celebrations Underscoring the Effects of 1619 Produced a Satisfying Surprise for Those Who Attended Historical Fort Monroe, Aug 2019
*Bells of Healing, Four Minutes of Ringing Symbolized 400 Years Since African Arrival, Aug 25, 2019
*Pilgrimage Unites Family - Sisters, Cousins Convene for 1619 Commemoration, Aug 26, 2019
*Calls for Change as Thousands Pay Tribute to Africans' 1619 Arrival, Aug 25, 2019
*Reconstruction Undone by Campaign of Violence, May 13, 2019
*Bible Used as Force for Hope, Subjugation, As soon as Enslaved people learned to read English, they Immediately began to read the Bible, and they immediately began to protest this idea of biblical justification for slavery. May 2019
*Remembering Virginia's Resistance to Desegregation, Feb 2019
*Extraordinary Biography of Eminent, Solitary Figure (Frederick Douglass), Feb 3, 2019
*Angela's Story - Little is known about one of the first Africans brought to Virginia, but her impact is still felt today, Jan 30, 2019
*New Historic Marker Will Honor Black Portsmouth Educator, I.C. Northam High Namesake, Feb 3, 2018
*Gov. Northam Signs Easement to Protect Historic Black Cemetery in Hampton, Aug 26, 2018
*Stocks Are Soaring and Most Black People are Missing Out, Oct 12, 2020
*Slaves' Civil War 'Wages' Went to Their Oppressors, Jul9, 2020
*How One Painting Came to Define What Jesus Looked Like, Jun 27, 2020
*Honoring a Shared History, the commonwealth has taken an important step toward inclusion with Juneteenth holiday, Jun 19,2020
*A Witness to Slavery Is Finally Heard, May 21, 2018
*So Far, So Good in Seatack, Where Dreams Are Becoming Achievable, Nov 23, 2017
*Before It's Built, Beach's Planned African American Cultural Center Seeks a Foundation of Local Stories, Nov 26, 2017
*Study Reveals Details of Local African American Neighborhoods, Oct 13, 2017
*Frankly, My Dear, It's Banned. Should thorny classics like "Gone With the Wind" be treated like Confederate statues? Sep 12, 2017
Slaves Were "Better Off" on Plantations Than in Africa, Five misconception about slavery, 12, 2017
*Region's Confederate Statues Built Near Sites with Slavery Links, Aug 20, 2017
*Charlottesville Was Not the Last Dance, and It Will take Leadership to Prepare for the Next, Aug 20, 2017
*Too Many Americans Still Don't See Black History as Their Own, Jul 2, 2017
*Marking the Year 1619, May 30, 2017
*Digging Through History. Archaeologists look for clues where slaves first tested liberty, Jun 10, 2014
*On Tangier, Slaves Could Choose: Liberty, Afar or Fight for British, Paul Clancy, Jul 8, 2012
*Olmsted's Dispatches Added to Swamp's Lore, Paul Clancy, Jan 29, 2012
*In 1619, First Africans Landed in Virginia, Paul Clancy, Feb 12, 2012
*Book Looks at Lincoln's Complex Views on Race, The new book, Colonization After Emancipation - Lincoln was even more committed to colonizing blacks than previously known. Mar 7, 2011
*The Truth About Jamestown, Mar 6, 2007

Three-Ring Binder No. 3 Containing Newspaper Articles About Racism
* The Dawn of American Slavery - Angela, Virginia's first documented Aftrican wowan, May 1, 2019, the Washington Post (in binder jacket)
*Oldest Schoolhouse (the Bray School) for Black Children Relocated to Colonial Williamsburg, Feb 11, 2023
*How a Historian (Professor Terry L. Meyers) Discovered The Bray School, Feb 11, 2023
*Black History Month: Needed Then - and Now, Feb 11, 2023
*In South, Money Flows in 'Civil Rights Trails' Feb 9, 2023
*Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways History Foundation - Washington Ditch Plaque (picture), Underground Railroad Route, and Maroon Communities
*'The 1619 Project' offers a peek at the truth, Feb 6, 2023
* Church of England sheds light on 'shameful' slave trade ties
(includes Enslavement: Voices from the Archives - Lambeth Palace Library
*Dismal Trade, A Woman Named Angelo, Dec 2021
*Reckoning with the Past. A century after the Tulsa race massacre, June 2021
*The Tulsa Race Massacre, 100 Years Later, May 29-30, 2021
*Germany Faced Its Horrible Past. Can We Do the Same? June 6, 2021
*A Tale of Two Cities, How did Norfolk become the racially segregated city it is today? Jan 24, 2021
*Great Dismal Swamp, An Irreplaceable Hub of Black and Indigenous History, Feb 23, 2021
*Teaching Slavery, Many textbooks gloss over slavery or contain misinformation. Almost every school district teaches slavery differently, Sep 4, 2019
*Jonathan Daniels, was an Episcopal seminarian and civil rights activist. In 1965, he was murdered. 21 Aug, 2019
Phony Science Used to Justify Racial Beliefs - Angela was taken captive and forced aboard a Portuguese slave ship, May 1, 2019
*"A Child Shall Lead Them." Students'1951 Walked out Blazed a Trail for School Desegregation, April 23, 2016
*Unsettled History, the 400 Anniversary of 1619 Will Spark a New Look at the New World, April 20, 2019
*Escape, a 5-part series, published by the Virginian-Pilot tells of a monstrous crime on Blacks in the 1850s - from whippings as a routine job, to Leaving family behind, and to hiding out in the Great Dismal Swamp, on ship and in church. Aug 24-28, 2014
*Lumpkin's Jail, 1867
*The Shackling of Jefferson Davis, 1865
*Dr. Craven and the Captivity of Jefferson Davis at Fort Monroe, 1865
*Controversial Ben Butler, 1861
*Harrison Phoebus: From Farm to Fortune, 1840
*Highlight of Black History at Fort Monroe, 1861
*Fort Wool, 1813
*The Abolition of the Slave Trade, 1806
*George Washington's Slaves, 1799
*Meet Ann Wager, the white headmistress of the Bray School, which educated enslaves children. 1760-1714
*The Political Community in Virginia, Suffrage was often at the center of Virginia's constitutional convention debates, 1776
*The World of the Williamsburg Bray School, Williamsburg's African American children, Slave Revolt in British Caribbean, the Fall of New France, taverns were steeped in 18th-century politics

Three-Ring Binder No. 4 Containing Articles About Racism in Numbered Order
-(In the cover jacket is a pamphlet - A Self-Guided Tour of 13 African American History Sites in Virginia Beach, by the Virginia Beach Convention & Visitor’s Bureau in partnership with the Virginia African American Cultural Center, Inc.)
1. Morning Star Baptist Church in Beechwood
2. Beechwood HRHP Recommendation for Morning Star Baptist Church on Historical Register
3. Virginia Beach L & J Neighborhood Make History
4. Good Neighbor Kindergarten: Racial Prejudice of Old Donation in Jim Crow Times by Mal Higgins and Bob Perrine
5. Enslaved Girl painting by Mary Anna Randolph Curtis who married Robert E. Lee
6. Reconciliation doesn't begin with past slavery-it begins ERE & NOW!
7. Black History Month founder showed how schools should teach about race
8. Face America's Past. Some people are disturbed by what is being taught in our schools
9. Don't call it racial reckoning. The race toward equality has barely begun.
1o. What Racial Reckoning, a word that's been thrown around like popcorn.
11. My church will replace our Black Lives Matter sign. Will America replace its racist myth?
12. The founder of Johns Hopkins owned enslaved people. Our university must face a reckoning.
13. American Christianity’s White-Supremacy problem.
14. Byron Allen: "Black America Speaks. America Should Listen."
15. Teaching America's Truth.
16. Dark Times in the American Southern Colonies.
17. Theodore Milton Thoroughgood Seldon was an exceptional young Black man.
18. Here's the real story of Columbus that people prefer to ignore.
19. Nat Turner's Bible donated to museum -VA. Beach family had relic.
20. The Civil War in Hampton Roads, 1861-1862
21. Lord Dunmore offering freedom to any slaves will to bear arms for the British.
22. Notable Women during the slave years.
23. The Emancipation Oak, and teachers Mary Peake and Ann Wager.
24. The first Black Americans - a group of enslaved Africans changed Jamestown and the future of a nation.
25. White House slavery and 1619.
26. 1619 commemoration brings thousands seeking to learn true history of first Africans in Virginia.
27. The first Africans in Virginia landed in 1619. It was a turning point for slavery in American history - but not the beginning.
28. Indentured Servants evolve into slavery.
29. Virginia, the Old Dominion, by Matthew Anderson, 1937, pages 88-89 - "The Virginia archives show that throughout the second quarter of the seventeenth century Negroes were being released at the end of their periods of indenture. " 30. Keeping history straight: Before 1619 there was 1513, 1565, and 1586.
31. During slavery, Virginians approved of it using, among other justifications, the Bible.
32. History of slavery starting 11,000 years ago.
33. Twelve Presidents who owned slaves.
34. The Episcopal Church is 90% white and 4% Black (% of each religious group in each racial/ethnic category.
35. Most culturally diverse cities in the U.S. - Virginia Beach 180th out of 493.
36. Troubling History of Slavery and Racism at Lynnhaven Parish by Mal Higgins and Bob Perrine.
37. Tracing African Americans at Old Donation.
38. Willis A. Hodges, Black Cape Henry lighthouse keeper during the Civil War.
39. Black History: Princess Anne County, Virginia Beach: a Pictorial History by Edna Hawkins-Hendrix.
40. Story of a slave named Rachal belonging to Lynnhaven Parish Church and a servant named Elizabeth Taplin who belonged to Sarah Thoroughgood.
41. Story of Indigenous and Black people at Lynnhaven Parish Church.
42. Virginia Beach Seatack Elementary School making dreams possible one student at a time.
43. Virginia Beach Seatack's New Jerusalem Church of God, Pastor YD Thoroughgood.
44. Joseph Grimstead helped build Virginia Beach Seatack's Black community dies at the age of 97.
45. The History of Slavery in and around Old Donation - article includes Seatack, Theodore Milton Seldon, John Harris and Darnell Thoroughgood, and the first Black girl to attend the Old Donation Day School.

Three-Ring Binder No. 5 Containing Articles About Racism
1' This is what election protest are really about
2. Why does the South have such feeble credit scores?
3. Celebrate Black History. All of it.
4. GOP leans into vague, expansive 'wokeism'
5. How a historian discovered the Bray School
6. The Bray Scool - Oldest schoolhouse for Black children relocated to Colonial Williamsburg
7. Black History Month: Needed then - and now
8. In the South, money flows in on 'civil rights trails'
9. Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, proclaims Black History Month
10. 'The 1619 Project' offers a peak at the truth
11. Church of England sheds light on 'shameful' slave trade ties
12. Florida offers an advanced lesson in anti-Blackness
13. What more education on racial issues taught me
14. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Christmas message 2022: 'Love always'
15. Troubling History of Slavery and Racism at Lynnhaven Parish, by Mal Higgins
16. Troubling History of Slavery and Racism at Lynnhaven Parish, by Mal Higgins and Bob Perrine
17. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lincoln Memorial
18. John Benjamin Dey (1874-1957) and his cusin Judge Benjamin Dey White (1868-1946)
19. The Historical Trigoly - Morning Star Baptist Church, Beechwood Commuinity and William Skinner School
20. Stained glass window gets a 2nd look - Pane shows Jesus with dark skin, stirs questions about race.
21. Slavery in Princess Anne County, 1619 - 1790 - summary by Bob Perrine
22. Black turnout dropped in 2023 midterms, slippage of nearly 10%;
Only 1/3 of enrolled undergraduates at historically Black colleges are men.
23. More clues found in Powder Magazine mass grave mystery. About 4,000 casualties were reported during the Battle of Williamsburg in Union Gen. McClellan's quest to drive up from Ft. Monroe and capture Richmond.
24. Iron-willed widow cultivated, protected Thorowgood family legacy. After Adam Thorowgood's untimely demise, his wife proved more than capable of managing the Thorowgood estate.

** Books Used for Sacred Ground
** Dawson, Michael, White Fragility
** Irving, Debby, Waking Up White
** Oliver, Juan Ripe Fields, The Promise and Challenge of Latino Ministry
** Thurman, Howard, Jesus and the Disinherited
** Wallis, Jim, America's Original Sin

Books about Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, and Racial Injustice,
Barnwell, William, Lead Me On, Let Me Stand (2 books)
Campbell, Benjamin, Richmond's Unhealed History
Dailey, Jane, Before Jim Crow
Diangelo, Robin, White Fragility
Gawande, Atul, Being Mortal
Green, Victor H., The Negro Motorist Green Book
Hendrix, Edna Hawkins, History Continued: African American Communities in PA Anne County (Part II)
Keller Thoennes, The Slave Trade in Early America
Morgan, Edmund S American Slavery, America Freedom (2 books)
Meacham, Jon, The Soul of America
Nevis, Winfield S., Witchcraft in Salem Village in 1692
Newby-Alexander, Cassandra L. Virginia Waterways and the Underground Railroad
Oast, Jennifer, Institutional Slavery, Slaveholding Churches, Schools, and Businesses in Virginia, 1680-1860
Perrine, Robert, Slavery and Its Aftermath
Shattuck, Episcopalians and Race, Civil War to Civil Rights
Smith, J Douglas, Managing While Supremacy
Spellers, Stephanie, The Church Cracked Open: Disruption, Decline, and New Hope for Beloved Community
Stevenson, Bryan, Just Mercy
Thurman, Howard, Jesus and the Disinherited
Wilkerson, Isabel, The Warmth of Other Suns, the Epic Story of America's Great Migration
Woodson, Carter, The Mis-Education of the Negro
The 1619 Project - no author